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How Dr. Gina Can Help You From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Online Group and DIY Health Programs

Private and Group Consulting
Chances are you’ve been through a lot already with your efforts to become pregnant, have a normal pregnancy, recover from pregnancy or resolve your women’s health issues. Consultations with Dr. Gina are structured to answer your questions, and get you on the right track with a plan of action. She will: Review your complete medical history as it pertains to your precise health issues, Review your answers to our in-depth health questionnaires, Review your functional blood chemistry analysis and results, and provide you with a beginning healthcare plan that includes: Dietary and Nutritional counseling, Dietary and meal plan recommendations, lab-based nutritional supplement protocols, customized Chinese herbal therapy (if applicable), as well as, provide you with a host of nutritional, dietary and educational handouts and resources. After your initial consult, you can elect to have follow-up tele-consults/Video consults 1-2x/month as needed.

Easy to Follow Nutritional Supplement & Chinese Herbal Protocols
The purpose of nutritional supplementation based on Functional medical evaluation utilizing the principles of Functional and Chinese Medicine, is to help stabilize your body chemistry, metabolism, hormones, neurotransmitters and immune system, while also improving the communication throughout your body’s cellular landscape. A weakened and compromised system requires additional support in order to help the body obtain the nutrients it requires to break out of vicious and self-destructive, repeating cycles, and achieve and maintain optimal homeostatic balance.

nutrition-iconVariety of Simple Meal Plans and Dietary Protocols
There are some very simple, yet very vital “do’s” and “don’ts” when it comes to nutrition for a healthy female and fertile body. There are different meals plans to choose from to meet and support your specific health needs.  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, Hippocrates.


drgg-D-cropDr. Gina Mortellaro-Gomez, DAOM, MSOM, B.S., L.Ac, NCCAOM Dipl.OM, FABORM, is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM), is Nationally Board Certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM) and is a leading expert in the field of Functional & Chinese Medical Reproductive Endocrinology and ObGyn. She has dedicated her practice to providing effective relief and support for many of the most common and challenging women’s health conditions such as: Unexplained Infertility, PCOS, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, PMS, Painful Menses, Irregular/Infrequent or Absent Menstrual bleeding, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and other forms of Hypothyroid, Peri-menopause and Menopause and much more. Dr. Gina has a tremendous success rate with her fertility patients, and many beautiful babies as a result.

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You’re Inner Doctor

homebutton1bThe human body is an incredible organism, and it’s meant to thrive! It’s built to repair and heal itself, so no matter what state of health your body is currently in, let’s work together to make it a healthy, vibrant, fertile garden!

What Can You Expect From Optimal Female Health?
  • A Better Night’s Sleep
  • More Stable Mood
  • Regulated Body Temperature
  • Consistent and Increased Energy
  • Improved Concentration and Memory
  • Healthy & Efficient Metabolism
  • Healthy Digestion
  • Regular and Pain Free Menstrual Cycles
  • Improved Libido
  • Healthy Pregnancy and Post-Partum
  • Improved and Balanced Immunity
  • Clear Skin and control of Dermatological issues